In 2020, the year with new rules for every aspect of our lives, we quickly learned to expect the unexpected and embrace the always irritating but perfectly descriptive “new normal.” And this is perhaps the key theme to emerge from our creatives: that things are different. We have mourned and moaned, but we have also learned, adjusted, and grown, and 2020 has strangely given us a reason to look forward with optimism, albeit with caution. 

Our artists and teachers are the Cultural Center’s beating heart, enabling us to provide diverse programming to the community. So we asked them to share some reflections: personal goals, advice, and thoughts to share with you as we start the new year. These are the people providing year-round knowledge and inspiration, so who better to hear from as we kick off 2021? Over the next couple of weeks, we look forward to sharing their collective wisdom with you. 

When asked about how 2020 was beneficial to their work, they responded in ways that were inspiring and heartwarming. 

“I learned to abandon all the rules in 2020, or at least it gave me an excuse to do so.” –  Odin Smith 

“Teaching on Zoom was a huge leap for me! I have a fear of technology. It causes me lots of anxiety when there is a problem with it, but I feel empowered when it all goes smoothly! My students were so grateful for the connection and to be doing something creative that took their minds off the pandemic. They told me how much the class helped them and gave them something to look forward to each week. This is what kept me going with it!” – Holly Heaslip  

“In 2020, I persevered in relation to my work and it persevered in me.” –  Lauren Kalita 

“I spent most of 2020 exploring creative ideas and concepts that I didn’t have time to explore before. Some paintings were successful, while others not so much. Nonetheless, I learned a lot from this process, and in the end, I’m a better artist for it.” –  Livia Mosanu 

This is what your artists and teachers think. We would love to share your thoughts and stories with them. Send us an email about how 2020 affected your work.



Prince Spaghetti Day

Tuesday, January 12

Gourmet Take Out

With Chef Joseph Cizynski

Curbside pick up between 4:30-5:30pm

Menu :

Veal polpettine (meatballs) with saffron pasta and ricotta

Veal Braciole with speck

Fontina and gnocchis

Pumpkin and ginger snap Tiramisu

$35 Members, $40 Non-Members

Register by noon on Jan. 12