G PCM Creativity Initiative Girl Reflection

PROVIDENCE – After a competitive review process which included 46 innovative proposals from local artists, designers and makers, Providence Children’s Museum has chosen Nick Carter and the team of Brooke Erin Goldstein & Steven Lubecki to create the first installations for its new Creativity Initiative. Both immersive exhibits will open during 2019.

G PCM Creativity Initiative Boy w_ Octagons 

Exhibit development is underway, in collaboration with the Museum’s Exhibits Team, for the first installation opening in late June. Carter’s design, responding to the theme of ‘Line, Shape, and Color’, explores the 2D and 3D world of points and lines in space, and the geometry of the world around us. His immersive space challenges visual perceptions, delighting visitors with the interplay of pattern and shape. Kids play with light, color, geometric forms and patterns to take charge and make their own designs.

 G PCM Creativity Initiative Nick Carter Portfolio Image

In the second installation later this year, Goldstein & Lubecki’s work explores ‘Synesthesia’, a phenomenon in which the activation of one sense leads to the automatic triggering of another. Their exhibit entitled, “Feeling Real or Really Feeling?” is a fantastical playground where visitors experience unexpected juxtapositions that challenge their own sensational and emotional encounters.


The Creativity Initiative is a three-year, museum-wide project beginning this summer. The project galvanizes Rhode Island’s creative community in service of all children. A series of temporary exhibits, designed to build creative confidence and problem-solving skills, actively engages creative makers, processes, and environments.


The Creativity Initiative also includes a new Maker Studio and Innovation Lab, as well as expanded creative educational programming. Guest curators and regional arts organizations will work with the Museum to fill its spaces with local art and design.


 About Nick Carter


Nick Carter is an artist, educator and community organizer whose work often investigates pattern, color and perspective. It is inspired by quilting motifs, urban architecture and camouflage. Using translucent and reflective materials, Carter creates dynamic situations in site-specific environments, like the Museum. Similar to flags, his paintings are often installed on wires or poles and subject to shifting vectors of air and light.


About Goldstein & Lubecki


Brooke Erin Goldstein is a curator, stylist and artist working in drawing, print and textile media. Her style incorporates strong line, bold color and repeating patterns to tell an emotional story. Steven Lubecki is a professional goldsmith and is studying to be a master bladesmith. His artistic inspiration lies in the geometry and proportions of nature. He creates a dialogue with the materials that stems from inherent respect and appreciation. His work inspires curiosity about traditional methods of craftsmanship.