Warwick, RI –   After the Department of Education released test scores which showed that if Rhode Island was a single school district in Massachusetts, it would be in the bottom 10 percent, Rhode Island’s elected officials have all begun calling for changes in Rhode Island’s education policy. 

For example, in his speech, Speaker Nicholas Mattiello called for holding the Department of Education “accountable” and singled out Rep. Greg Amore, a history teacher, to help lead the House on education issues. 

Legislation has been introduced to establish a statewide curriculum standards.  


Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “Well, it is about time. 

Here is a little history for everyone up at the State House complaining about Rhode Island’s tests scores: Back in 2014, it was the General Assembly, under Speaker Mattiello, which passed legislation sponsored by Rep. Amore that prevented the Department of Education from requiring students to pass a test in order to receive a high school diploma as is the case now in Massachusetts. 

The Department of Education and Commissioner Ken Wagner should be held accountable and resign. 

But, will Governor Raimondo and the General Assembly take any responsibility for our low performing school system? 

Let us hope they adopt the Massachusetts approach for Rhode Island: high standards, high stakes testing, and accountability at all levels. All we have gotten for the last five years are excuses.”